☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

holy crip he's a crapple

:( why is my body falling apart?

yesterday i was kneeling crazy like, and my legs fell asleep. well it took about an hour or more for my left leg to wake up (i have some minor nerve damage or the nerve is compressed or something from my spinal surgery) and to my surprise my fucking right leg is still numb. that's like 25 hours. it's very very slowly 'waking back up' but jesus christ XDD

so i did some resreach on teh iontraweb and it turns out this is something that happens happens a lot with people who have diabetes. :l just fucking great.

apperantly recovery can be quickened by massage, or like electrical thereapy of some kind or like a vitamin b12 shot, but my stupid doctor is closed on the weekend. so i have to wait till monday before i can see someone about this.

:'d when i used to go to the stupid 'diabetic clinics' they had the foot doctor (i can't be bothered to look up the right word for that XD) used to ask me if i had numbness in my legs and i always kind of assumed it was because of my previous surgery (i have like a thin line of numbness down the back of each leg and on the outter side of my left foot).

:l what really sucks is that the night before i slept funny and my left arm went numb and it took almost the whole day for it to go away. isn't this crap supposed to develope over time? not just all happen at once?

ps bewitched is cute and land of the dead is sexy as only a zombie movie can be :')
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