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XD i am so pissed off right now. i've been looking for my ddr for almost 3 hours.

:"D first i got pissed because i couldn't find the bracelets i bought for brenna and shufu, but i wasn't too pissed because they might be in the car still (even though i'm almost 90% sure i brought them in and put them with my jewelry making junk.

so i figure can't do anything about that since the car isn't here so i decide to pull get my ddr out (i keep two soft pads, a japanese psone, 3 import games and all the plugs in a oversized backbacl/messenger bag) but it's not where i remember leaving it XD so i decide to check everyone else room incase the kids were using it or something, but i can't find it.

:"D it's pretty much big enough to be impossible to lose.

the whole situation reeks of two weeks ago when my work schedule dissappeared 6 days in a row and would turn up in a diff area of the house or even the car.

:l can ghosts/poltergeist-activity move something the size of a small tv? XD i can understand little stuff like peices of paper and jewelry, but that ddr bag is a good sized bag and pretty weighty XDD
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