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god i'm bored out of my mind :D

the other night the motor on the AC unit outside died and we had to have someone (by someone i mean a total hottie named corey :"D <3) come out and fix it at like 2am.

458.45$ suckAs! t(*o* t)

XD i was saving that money to buy that sexy new minidisk that has 1GB disks and some cookies :'d

also i had to clean my room. BECAUSE i am a fucking dirty pig! XDDD last easter or maybe easter of 2003 my mom gave me some cookies and i kind of threw them on a shelf or somewhere and they somehow made their way under a pile of papers where ants proceeded to build a futuristic city *v*

also i found a slim jim and this candy airplane (also from my mom) :"D

the weird thing is that i had like all this junk and crap in piles in my room, but i knew what exactly was in each pile and now that i've cleaned everything and put things away i don't know where anything is and when i wake up in the middle of the night (day) i keep thinking that i have to step over such and such pile of junk or risk falling and dying XD but all the piles are gone, so i'm like hoppinh around like an ass in my clean room trying to miss phantom piles of junk :"D
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