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i've been reading the book Our Haunted Planet by John A. Keel (the guy that wrote The Mothman Prophecies) and there was a mention about the paiute indians and giants with red hair that used to steal the bodies of the dead, i'm gonna have to beat up sammy and look at one of his books XD i did some internet research on giants and paiutes and came up with the name sitecah. XD originally i did a search on paiutes and 'red eye' cause when i was young my grandma used to tell us about a monster that came out at night and was tall enough to look into second story windows with its red eye to see if there was anyone in the house it could take.

:'D whats funny about all this is that i think Christopher Pike's book Monster is kind of based on these monster/giants. i haven't read the book in a few years, but i remember that there were indians and monsters with red eyes that were taller then normal called the sitca XD

i was also wondering if anyone had like family monster stories like the one about red eye?

XD the story about 'red eye' was mainly a way to get us kids to go to sleep at night. my gramma would tell us that if we weren't quiet and laid still at night the red eye would be attracted by the noise and come look in our windows and take away anyone it saw. this was actually kind of scary because the house my grandma lived in was in an area that hadn't had a lot of building yet so 3 sides were very big fields. XD and this was in utah, where there weren't any street lights or much white noise you get used to hearing in the city :'D
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