☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

chicken fried ham loaf *o* mm mm good~

i feel like i want to die :D!

not really, but uh, maybe i should have worn a different shirt XDDDD

its all hot and crap here :"( yesterday it was too cold, today it is too hot.

who knew mad tv was still on the air ? XD i usually only see the reruns on comedy central (<3 luver-muffin)

i started making some crazy hooker jewelry. XD it more time consuming then i thought. for now i've only made a few braclets. i think they look shmexy. i need to go back to that crazy bead store and buy some more spacers and clasps though. XD i spent like 100 on real silver spacers and clasps the last time i was there cause my mom got all her beads (and like 50$ worth of my beads) for free. XD

sammy tried to talk some smack cause it took me like 3 hours to make 2 braclets XD so i asked him what he did that day. where i made 2 braclets that probably cost like 20$ each in materials but i could maybe sell for twice as much to someone stupid XD and all he had done was go to the doctors and spent money on some perscriptions. XDD

:D then i ate a mexican piggy cookie!

ps - :') i think im getting a cold or something equally as sexy like SARpes (herpes + SARS = SARpes)

pps - :o! i haven't talked to aaron of brenna in a while. what's up with that yo?
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