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weapon of choice?
why are you fighting?
is fighting by your side. guns blasting. battle crying and everything. they go all out!k0dama
gets killed while trying to protect you (awww!)knight743
runs away when you aren't lookingstonering
is really planning on betraying yousueworld2003
dies accidentally while unsheathing their sword (haha dumbass)idetachi
saves you from the enemyshufu
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XD omg permanent account! when shufu told me about it (aka the price) i was all like hm, 150$ could also buy me that new minidisk player ;u;!

but i've already paid about 50$+ for membership crap XD and! if i had a permanent account i wouldn't always have to worry about that crazy girl who wants the yume name from buying it out from under me XDDD

i dozed off while driving home from shufu's house :'DDD on teh freeway XDDD it was crazy. i really can't eat crap anymore. i think all the candy and junk i had eaten that day really messed me up XD i got home and like passed out (forealZ). i was fine till about 1030, but at 11 i felt myself crash. then the next morning when i got up i felt like i had overdosed on caffeine again XD but i hadn't really had anything with excess caffeine .. wait XDDD now that i really think back to what i had yesterday i may have had too much caffeine :'D
2 diet snapple peach ice teas (  t(*o*t )~!!!  )
3 drinks from a mt dew icee
2 drinks from an energy drink
2 sodas
that's a bit much even for me XD and my sexy_semi-caffeine_free_mormon_drinking_lifestyle. XD usually when i get too much caffeine i just get really sick for a bout 6 hours though.

haha i've had this open since about 1230 last night XDD
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