☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

did you ever know that you're my hero? you are the wind beneath my wings ... XDDD

t(*o* t ) OMG!!!1!~!

XD some weird shit just went down at work.

ok so this is what i have pieced together: my downtown officer pulled over this guy who had a young girl with him. he contacted the girls parents and they asked the officer to bring her home because they were about to report her as a runway, they were just waiting for the 24 hours to be up. so he takes the girl to her mothers house.

while he's doing that these two guys come into the office spouting all this nonsense about moral obligations and how they had spoken with the girls mother and that the mother said that she never spoke to an officer and that they had every right to have the girl with them, the older one ever went so far as to say he was her father (after a while he changed it to step-father XD).

i got a really bad feeling. an instinctual feeling that something bad was about to happen. so i tried to get ahold of my officer, but i couldn't. so i tried to call him on his phone, no answer. so the only other option i had was to call the Lt. :'DDDDDDDDDDDDD

XD so then the Lt. tells me that he wants to talk to them on the phone. well i was preoccupied with finding something near by to use as a weapon (i only have one thin piece of glass seperating me from the lobby) so i let them use the phone on the second desk in my office. :'DDD it never really occured to me to make them use my phone through the hole in the glass XDDD around this time simon showed up with some food for me, so i told him to stay while they were there.

so they're talking to the Lt. and their stories are changing again, and they eventually give up trying to prove that we were in the wrong and decide to leave.

XDD i swear i think the only reason that nothing violent happened was because simon showed up when he did.
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