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i mean, like, seriously.

Which member of the Homestar Runner gang are you?

:O.. i knew it all along...

yes, so :'D sado_nishi is really smart. smarter then me really, so now!! i am teh possessor of the live journal user name yume. i am really cool now, i am pretty sure of this fact (it must be some kinda of new found gift that comes from being cool).

hmm .. so, we went to do our taxes today. taxes, oh man, they are .. :o

so the year before last i had some tax problems and the IRS fined me $17,000+ (yes, really that much :'D the IRS, they love me, really) so i got all that crap worked out, and then last year taxes went pretty good (we went to this little travel agency/IRS place behind mariecalenders over on sahara). so we went back there again this year. the girl that did our taxes last year "anna" wasn't there anymore, so someone else helped up.

:'D it was a man and a woman, the man didn't speak a lot of english, so yes, it took some time to explain stuff. :O but!! he seems to know a lot about taxes, cause it turned out that last year "anna" didn't do my mom's taxes right and left out a bunch of stuff that would have gotten my mom more of a refund. so he took over my moms account thing totally. he's going to call the IRS peoples and see what can be done about last year, and now this year (with alimony and claiming my brother as a dependant again - even though he is like 22 now).

:O speaking of that little bastard. he is getting like $7,000 back in refund! wtf? he just takes up space and uses up the precious oxygen, how the hell dies he end up getting $2,000+ more then me? (or my mom who is only like getting $1,500 or so back if everything works out..)

yea ..

so, since we were over that way we decided to go to the boulevard mall. i need like clothes for chicago .. :l but i am such a picky bastard about what i want to wear, unless it is really old and comfy and looks like crap :'D then i will wear it.

so we took my moms rings to get fixed (i dunno if its her or crescent jewelers but >.<;;) :o but i have like $200 credit there cause i over paid on my account thing, so :') gotta spend it someway, cause the cute new-white-boy there made it sound like getting that money refunded was going to be a hassle.

:'D for some reason i keep buying knock off shoes at payless. my mom went to every shoe place in the mall looking for a size 5 black heeled shoe and couldn't find crap, but i got 2 pairs of sneakers. :o that store for plus sized girls that hot topic opened up is neat, they had a bunch of giant sized prom dresses. *o* so cute, like wannabe/fauxhollywood/glam/goth/punk whatever stuff. it was neat to look around.

hm .. bleh this whole thing is about me shopping. to finish up, got some anime dvds, karekano and flcl, some bubbles, a gameboyadvancedsp (god -.- it was like a quest from god to find one) & the gameboygame resident evil gaiden(sp?), this sillystring stuff, but it doesn't shoot out like string, it just kinda farts out in big klumps like brainsplatter, some perfum from victoria's secret (#33? it smelled like roses) and um some book, i think it was a promo thing for minority report - it opens vertically like a memopad.

:o and i think that is it!

more exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i live fo' the exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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