☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

happy birthday fanbot!

XDDD i thought when i came in today, and didn't have anyone coming to me about schedule crap that everything was fine.

oh nononono. as soon as daniel was out the door (really, the door was still swinging shut from his leaving XD) the LT. was in dispatch with a schedule. XDDD

i guess i should be happy with the way things went. he kept blabbing on about seniority (which i find amusing since, when it comes to promotions seniority is quickly swept under the rug so that they can look past the fact that i've been here the longest and have more training then anyone here XD but i can't be promoted because im under 30 and for some reason that's bad) and how he was trying to give me the shift i wanted before everyone else.

i uh .. kind of hate talking to the lt. :'D i'm 26, and i may only look about 19 or something, but he talks down to me like i'm 7. seriously, no exageration. XD he came in and asked me about which shift i would preffer since i had talked with romi about moving to grave. and i told him that i liked the current type of swing shift i'm on right now which is like 5p-3a and he goes "well ... you know--- we're only working these hours right now because we're short a person" XD no fucking duh? "when the schedule changes the shift may not be this way. it could be 10p to 8a or (here he went on to describe all the various shifts that could occur between the hours of 4p-8am it was a really long conversation XD and all said in this tone of voice that implied that i was too stupid to understand the complexities that a set of 10 hours might hold :"D)

XD i was trying to hint that i didn't really 'want' to go to grave and that it was just something me and romi had discussed privatley (cause in all honesty the only reason i even considered going to graves was so that i wouldn't have to talk to the LT. or the Chief XDDD) but that just got me another 'talking to' which i kind of droned out on and may have been about how the boogey man came out at night and ate anyone under 30 if they weren't good boys and girls. :')

i think, maybe he has nothing better to do so he's looking for 'work' to do around the office so that they don't fire him XDD (really) cause daniel pretty much figured out the schedule problem one day after romi had been gone and things would be perfect right now with the schedule except that the LT. stepped in and changed the schedule behind daniels back. which prompted daniel to go refigure another completley different schedule (which again fixed everything) which he implimented right away before the LT. could say anything. XD only now the LT. is tryin to change that one too.

:'D meddling old cracker.
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