☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

wow it would seem that i did not handle that whole buffy/community/manip/refferance thing well at all :D

teh internet 1 / yume 0

simon if you don't have your account anymore lemme know and i'll fill you in on the whole thing on the phone or something XD

i think, now i have a reason to feel bitchy about the entire thing, but mostly i just feel sad. i think i've alienated a cool artist i would have liked to become friends with eventually and pissed off an admin at a forum where in the past i probably would have become an admin myself (can we say oekaki central anyone XD)

and the moral of the story is:

don't surround yourself with a circle of friends so like minded that you drop your guard and forget to put it back up when you try to interact with people outside said circle of friends.

XDDD god, and then i wonder why i seem to anger everyone i meet now a days.

:o holy crap am i becoming simon?

of course now i don't know what to do with the whole forum thing. should i pretend nothing happened and be all like

A) "lalala here are some pictures i drew, now adore me!"


B) let my account die and have it appear that i wallow in whatever kind of shame i should have and am all disgruntled and will never post anything there ever XDD

actually i probably shouldn't say that part in B about never posting there because i'm disgruntled. i've kind of withdrawn from all the buffy communites i'm in (previous to what happened one entry ago) and didn't think i would ever post at that forum anyway XD i only signed up for an account because i thought that you had to to see the attached images, but it turns out that the forum crashed and a lot of the older images just don't show up.

i probably shouldn't care what anyone there thinks .. i didn't before. maybe i have brain damage. or like my stupid soul is kicking in after 20 years! *o*

actually it'd be sad if the soul was responsible for vanity/modesty i thnk XD

XD ha i just had a wicked thought. a thought inspired by the book/musical Wicked!

Sure, I meant well -
Well, look at what well-meant did:
All right, enough - so be it
So be it, then:
Let all Oz be agreed
I'm wicked through and through

:'D sadly probably only like brenna and simon will really get that.

you know whats annoying, when people automaticly assume you feel a certain way because it fits the situation. then you tell that person you don't feel that way, but they ignore you and continue to treat you as if you feel the way they think fits the situation. then other people get involved and you're like "but i don't feel that way!" but instead of listening to you they listen to the first person. then it spreads and everyone you come in contact with is like "i know you feel this way but ..." and you have to start all over and be like "but i don't feel that way!" XDD

i bet robots don't have that problem. oh to be a robot.

bah i should go to bed. i'm only typing nonsense now because i don't want to go to bed and wake up to find that i've been banned from all things buffy or something equally crazy and implausable like that.

ps - what happened to go_pirates :'(?
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