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stolen from giggerota :o!!!

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

i found it odd that it said there was already a map set up in my name. :'D does that mean that some bag-of-hos is out there pretending to be me?

it is a little neat to see where everyone is on a map. kawa_kawa needs to update her location (i think it still shows her living with korma) and bkittie apperantly lives in the ocean off of africa :D! XDD

:O oh wow, people have f-f-freinded me?! XD at first i was like .. 'no .. no one likes me, what are these friends?' cause they didn't show up in my user info, but after some clicking and swearing they did. XD so welcome to vamptastica, tsavoritegarnet (i thought you were already on my fl X3) & moi27

isn't it marvelous when a boy you like notices that you've lost weight and compliments you on it? <3

:3 so i spent 15 minutes doing things with my mouth to let him know that i could do other things with my mouth XDDD

last night i got a little farther in SIREN. i am even more confused XDDD the story was getting pretty good even if game play was like living in a fat guys ass. but then all of a sudden i finish a loop and i get to see a part of the ending (even though i'm only about 7 hours in) and what i saw just left me going "WTF?!" XDDD

what's really confusing is that there is one girl, yuriko, i thought that i saw her die and come back as a shibito, but the way the cinematics jump back and forth in time so much i can't be 100% sure that she came back as a shibito XDDD or if i just assumed she did since i saw her die (which, thanks to a new cinematic, i'm not even sure about either XD)

it's weird that in lost in translation billy murray appears almost young paired with scarlett johansson, but in in good company her playing against dennis quaid, makes dennis quaid just looks really really old. if i put dennis quaid and bill murray together in my head XD bill murray always appears older to me.
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