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i finished the last narnia book the other night X3 the ending was good (if not a bit creepy? :'D)

so once again i have nothing to read, so i've decided to fill my life with video games *o*

not really, but i did put siren back in and tried to use some cheat codes. XD that went horribly wrong. out of 130 or so cheats i could only get the game to play with two of them on. :'D actually that's like not right, some other junk-y cheats worked like to unlock the archives and the puzzle game, but i couldn't play the real game. it would show me archive 1 then ask me to save then go to back to the menu screen.

i dunno if i wanna play anymore of this game though :"D it's horribly hard to move (think resident evil controls designed by a retard missing a large portion of his brain XD you can't even do a quick turn around like in RE or SH, you have to swivel the joystick and like watch your character on the screen do this slow shuffle-y turn around. then something kills you :D)

i tried reading a faq about the plot though and it seems like it's a good story? XD what's really sad is that the first time i tried playing this game (no cheats no guide) i got pretty far. this time around im like an hour + into the game and im still trying to lead that stupid blind girl to that stupid road everyone has to go to. on the plus side i have figured out how to use sight jacking the right way XDDD but it doesn't really help because it goes by orientation and while i think im faceing one way and looking at a zombie from my right he is really on my left or like slightly south and ends up walking up on my ass and eating my face  and i cant move because im all in site jacking mode XD also it makes me fucking paranoid :'D

and the map is shit. if you open the map it's all fucking technical and fancy like something the goverment would use, but! it doesn't tell you where you are :D (it is the best map? ever?) XDD instead it gives you refferances like 'old truck' or 'puddle of water' to go by. :D this ingenius set of markers is made even more fabulous by there being more then one 'old truck' or 'puddle of water' since old trucks and puddles of water seem to be the only thing the setting designers were given to work with XDD

also you can rotate the map, making it even more confusing to decide which of the 30 old trucks you are standing next to <3

maybe i will play shadow hearts <.< ...
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