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XD oh wow. i just called work (its like 1:30am) to see what hours i worked tomorrow because i don't have a current schedule (i have one for 5/15-6/15 for some reason) and the night shift guy told me that my boss (and one of the cops she was friends with) quit today.

i feel kind of naseous cause apperantly the chief stepped in and said something to danny (my new boss :"D) about me and my schedule when this all happened.

last week i had asked romi (semi-privately) to move me to the graveyard shift so that i wouldn't have to see or interact with the chief or the lt. anymore, but i think the chief thinks that by moving me to graves he'll make me more miserable and i'll want to quit sooner :"D. now i dunno if i wanna be moved to graves.

i'm really fucked psychologicly when it comes to this job XD
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