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XD i'm in the worst fucking mood right now.

but i vented a little with my mom (which didn't help because she threw it in my face, what a 'great' job i have) and then with david.

if i want to keep working within the tribe i can work retail at the pro shop, do some kind of child care (which probably would require me to get certified in something :P) or landscaping :'D like a damn dirty mexican.

i wish i still knew people outside of the tribe.

the whole job thing is so weird for me right now. when i was in highschool i was getting offers left and right for good career making jobs (no mcdonalds for me!) but i turned them all down because i couldn't make up my mind (i still can't really), but now that i've gotten myself into this stupid ass law enforcment career and it's like what everyone expects me to be.

even me!

the other night i was driving down this street that has a lot of bail bond offices and i started thinking, hey i can probably do that. it's sorta along the same line of work i'm doing now, and they're open 24 hours, so i could get a night shift.

:o or i can become a private detectiv like veronica mars XDDDDD

fuck, i think i will ask romi to put me back on the graveyard shift. i can't put up with quasula or anyone anymore without wanting to quit. atleast on graves, i'll only have to see maybe one or two of the older cops (who i can tolerate).

*edit - kinda,*

i just did an online application for borders XD there were about 300 multiple choice questions. i kind of felt like i was doing a meme :'D
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