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i spent the night snatching up veronica mars episodes, so i plan to spend all day watching them, or at least the first 10 or so episodes.

t(- u - t  ) the only problem is that my karekano dvds came today.

ooh continuity error on VM, in one shot she is putting on a hat, then in the next cut she doesn't have it on, but reaches for it and puts it on XDD

i'm getting into a stupid crappy thing where i'm staying up later and getting up later again, i was late to work once because of it already Xd i think i have selfdestructive issues, cause i was sitting in my room last night around 3am with nothing to do (except go to bed) and i kind of sat around for like 20 minutes trying to think of something to do just so i wouldn't have to go to bed even though i was really tired. i eventually settled on rereading alien9

there are a lot of things i didn't notice before. sexual inuendos and the like. also it's pretty obvious that the drill clan is trying to bogart the earth for symbiotic hosts before the other clans. i have to find the 3rd volume tonight. and hopefully the 4th one will come in the mail tomorrow or so.

i've watched about 20 or so minutes of VM (01x02) so far, i remember watching the first 3 or so episodes (not this one though) and don't remember it being this good XD?

blah i hate wet hair
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