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you don't like waffles?

i drew this on a paper place mat at some chinese resturaunt.

(colored and cropped in photoshop)

:'D it's my brother sammy and his cat precious fighting some kungfu chick with arm wraps.

i love that new msn ink thing, i made myself a new LJ icon using it XD

i also made myself a new spander icon to use in spander communities XD

the first version:
i used a manip by sueworld2003 without reading the actual text, so i didn't know it was a birthday gift till after i had made the icon. XDDD

so i made this second version:
i think i actually like the second one better. i've got them both in my userpics right now till i decide which i like the best.

other then that all i did today was play RO till i was lvl 280 and could get into the new dungeon. sadly it wasn't all that :'DDD
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