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blah blah i hope simon get's hit in the eye today (i say this for no particular reason, i haven't even talked to that herpes sore since last week :D)

i just finished up an oekaki over at oekakicentral/theatre, but i do not like it at all XD and usually when i say that i only dislike a certain part or something specific about the picture, but i just plain don't like anything about this picture. :'d but i spent like some stupid amount of time drawing it, so i submitted it anyway.

ever since i started using photoshop on a regular basis i've become more and more oekaki-retarded :D

omg, someone should make an icon of that, with like a giant eye and color bleed with the caption 'oekaki-retarded, and loving it!' :O omg or make a community for subpar oekaki pictures XDDD

buu, i'm in a weird place with my drawing right now and i hate that because i would rather be drawing then like reading or playing a game, i think i'll go play some RO.

i think i wanna redo my LJ layout again.

i dunno what i want. maybe i just need a snickers.
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