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but, trapped doesn't seem so bad ..

Once You Meet Her
You're so mysterious... beautiful and charming, your mere presence lights up the lives of everyone around you. You love nature and fantasy-related things, although you usually prefer to be alone. When you do interact with people, you're the sweetest thing! Your enigmatic beauty captures the hearts of everyone you meet. </a>
Which Final Fantasy Theme Song Is YOUR Theme?

Aeris, Rinoa, Yuna
You're the ditzy love interest! You're brunette,
sweet, pretty, and you don't have two brain
cells to bang together. You don't fight, you
use magic, and 13 year old girls the world over
use your name and your snugglebunny's surname
as their online handle. Your personality is
drastically different to the hero's, but don't
fret - you'll change him before the end of he
game! You like to dress to cover up - after
all, you're a good girl.

Which Final Fantasy Stereotype are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

:o i thought about adding a mp3 sound thing to my journal today!!

i still might .. :'D

i dunno, i'm having problems with servers and crap .. actually i'm on yahoo web console right now, and they're being pretty cool and all, but i wanna start my own oekaki board thing, and on yahoo you can't like modify the files and folders the way you need to for a oekaki board to function.
i signed up over at cyberpixels.com and they took my money, but they never emailed me or contacted me in anyway to say, 'yes, we will take you money' they just took my money. so i emailed them, and they never emailed back >:o
i was going to call them today and stuff, but they don't have a phone number, just a thing that says phone# coming soon. so i had to sign up for a help message board thing, and post a 'ticket' about my problem. so i did. and some girl named Rebecca posted back that the two accounts are opened up. she wanted to know what my domains where, so i told her, now i am waiting for her to reply back.

:l maybe i signed up wrong, i dunno, it was really confusing, and i don't really know anything about the internet anymore :'D which is why i am on a yahoo pay server thing right now, cause it's prolly the easiest (i.e., stupidest) thing out there.

:'d shufu told me to download winmx thing the other day, so i did. and now i am trying to download this final fantasy song from the quiz and some liz phair mp3s :'D even though i got the CD somewhere at home. you can't find any liz phair songs on kazaalite (i think secretly the people on kazaalite are kinda getting dumber or something, or they have no taste for anything but teh pr0n)
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