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are people like us meant to go around in pairs?

ugh i meant to write something long and not dumb :'D when i opened this thing, but i've been too distracted with work and just goofing-off-in-general XD

yes, so i turned 26 on monday. the sunday before my family took me for chinese at this lil hole in the wall place we like and i got a strawberry short cake cake that i could only eat a bite of because i was so full of ginger beef and white rice :D (i took some picture with my camera phone, but i haven't uploaded them yet.)

hm, then on monday, my actual birthday, i layed around like a lazy pig and ate cold steak XDDD and read a lot of comics and books


on tuesday my mom took me too go look at this twin bed with drawers under the matress. at first i didn't want to get it because it was a kids bed and it looked way to short for me XD but then we made sammy climb up onto the display (it was one of those kind like walmart uses about 2 or so feet of the ground XD) and lay in the bed to see if he fit.

so we ended up getting it only it didn't come with a matress XD so we had to make like 4 stops at various furniture stores along the way to see if they sold them before we found this lil ghetto place that sold them by the bushell XD (while we were there this big black lady laid on this lil kids bunk bed and broke it :'DDD)

the three people working at the ghetto furniture store where like 3 kids (maybe between 22-29) a black girl, a hispanic/italian guy and a white guy XD they totally looked like the cast from some teen dramedy like empire records. the hispanic one kept staring at my mom and then told her she looked exactly like his ex's mom XDDD

when we were leaving the white guy was helping us tie the matresses down and i noticed that he had large red scars across his wrists, that was kind of weird, cause he really didn't seem like the suicide type, but then again what do i know, they could have been surgical, one was a really straight clean cut.

anyway, so i gave my old bed (which i paid about 5k for) to my mom (which she had been hinting at) and replaced it with one that cost about 3 hundred dollars (total with matress and sheets that cost almost as much as the frame and matress put together) XD

i'll see about pictures or something later if i remember :'D

also i've been abusing the new msn feature where you can draw in your IM
the only people on where this group of guys i met on RO who are really pervy and straight XD, so um this is all skanky

these are all from diff conversations that i pasted together.

lastly one for the ladies? :"D??!

XDD i don't know how we got onto the subject of archie and jughead

i have a horrible headache XD and i don't know why
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