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for someone that has 3 digicameras, about 10 old school cameras, a camera in my phone and a tiny keychain camera i find myself saying too often, 'i wish i had a picture of that' :'DDD

like half  a year maybe a year ago our bigscreen tv blew a fuse and no one wanted to replace the fuse because it was an old tv, so we kept it off to the side in the dinning room hoping we'd find someone to replace the like 3 fuses that would make it work again :'D. well eventually we just bought a new widescreen tv so the 'lets get the old tv fixed' turned to 'lets throw this thing out' XD only it was taller then my mom and really heavy so no one wanted to be the one to get rid of it.

so forever we had this huge thing in the dinning room and like used it as a shelf for junk.

:'D last night i come home and i get into the dining room and i can tell something is different but i cant tell what, so everyone is asleep so i go to my room and get ready for bed too and stuff XD then when im walking through the dining room for maybe the 5th time i realise that the tv is gone.

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