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booty booty booty

i got 4.05$ worth of change in my pocket and i .. rock :o?!

ok so last week:

the terrible gods of winds laid the smack down on our porch roof so we had to reshingle the entire thing :'D

sammy's cat had to have a lump surgicly removed from her shoulder

and simon came to visit XD

:o can it be true that terrible things always happen in threes?


doing the roof wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i kept telling my mom we should call dad and have him come do it even if we had to pay him, since it was technically what he does for a living, and we had never done more then replace 2 or 3 shingles before. but we did the whole thing in half a day and uh, no one died :D so that makes the score us 1 / roof 0 (oh i got this crazy huge blister on my thumb, it was muy macho/sexy)

the lump turned out to be kind of serious. turns out it was caused by an injection she had gotten a few weeks back for her herpes (XDDDD yes, she has a special type of cat herpes) and it turns out that if left unchecked these type of lumps eventually become very cancerous. she pulled her stitches today and we had to take her back in to get them redone, but the vet said that the wound was healed enough to just tie off the remaining stitches as long as she didn't lick the ones without thread. she's very spoiled and tried to fake us out by forcing herself to vomit whenever she had her cone on, but once everyone started telling her she was bad for popping a stitch she stopped throwing up :'D what a bastard.

XD having simon around for a few days was actually really fun. it's nice to be able to talk to someone i actually know without having to feel like i have to explain every other comment out of my mouth cause i think they might take it the wrong way XD also that bastard can drive *o*! which meant i got to lay around and be a lazy dirty whore while he went to get food or take sammy somewhere :'DDD he fell in love with my psp and porno dvds XD he says that i've got a problem with porn because i have like 7 porn dvds, so i showed him the stack of 30 or so dvd-rs i have filled with BT porn :DDD i'm magic like that yo.

i think for xmas i'll buy him some crazy fetish porn and not tell him XD

um and i think thats all. oh wait. i'v joined this new RO server, destiny ro. it's got a type of WoW thing going on where you gain exp/money from doing quests. it's fucking sexy as hell.
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