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it didn't seem so bad

yay i got my new tablet today (intuos3 6x8 <3)

it is so fucking sleek *u* i thought it would be about the same size as my 9x12 (with the border around the drawing area) but it's pretty compact, about the size of an oversized book i guess. and i haven't noticed very many differances. if it didn't have the extra buttons on the side it'd prolly be about the same as my 9x12, but with this one when i draw near the edge my hand touchs the zoom pad sometimes X3

this is the first thing i drew with my new tablet :D

XD lazy lazy coloring, but i think it came out alright.

:0 i forgot the freckles! (edit#2 i forgot eyebrows too :'DDD man..) nevermind i put them in now :'D


i have to make deviled eggs for like 20-30 people when i get home XDD
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