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nicole simpson can't rap!

i've been neglecting my LJ, while at the same time trying to get my friends to make LJ accounts of thier own XD

i'm so crazy~!!!1!

do not go to see the ring two. it's absolutly horrible. it's so bad that it trancends time and makes the first movie a bad movie too.


i had a feeling that this movie was going to be bad when i heard that they weren't going to follow the japanese sequel (which they could have easily done even though the american ring's mythos is different), but i watched some 'making of' thing about it and it made it look interesting.

*o* i will always go with my first instinct.


you could really see the japanese directing style, but sadly i think it also took away from the movie :'d a lot of the effects and transitions ect just looked amatuer-ish and weren't frightening/suspensful at all. but i think that's just because there's such a differance in american and japanese horror. i've seen many of the same effects and crap in other asian horror movies and loved them :'D
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