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earth element

i forgot to load this one picture, it's the one that really got me thinking that i like solid line art.

it's yume/kyuumuei from caffeine angels.

i had originally planned to do a picture of a girl kneeling, like looking up at the ceiling maybe, like through a fisheye lens, but i couldn't figure out how the legs should look. so then i thought i'd cheat and put the dress in, and make it yume falling from the sky (an image i've had in my head for like 8 years) it turned out so much better then i thought it would. i really like the whole fading thing that people do on solids, it takes the edge off the pixely lines and gives the image a whole 'soft' look.

maybe i will do a bunch of pictures like this for the caffeine angels story instead of trying to do anything manga/comic like right now.


i was just thinking i might do a couple more tara pictures, make some kind of color series, since i already did the red and green ..

episode 05 of naruto is full of that grey haired guy's crotch :'d
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