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13 hours + 13 minutes

i've been wanting to make one of those mp3 rotation sites and i did :D


check it out. it's just the mp3s i currently had in my mp3 folder, but i'll try to keep it updated.

i drew this image specifily for this site XD

:'D my mom came into my room while i was finishing this up and she said "that's bad, who drew that?" XD while i'm finishng up the coloring on the red suit :'DDD so i say "um, i drew it. i am drawing it right now, jerk." XDDD so she goes "it's not as good as your usual stuff."

:'DDD i had no idea that my mom even knew i could draw at all.

um, fyi pictured: yu-ko and bu-ko from the yet to be drawn yume and bunny comic XDDD
i borrowed bu-ko's outfit from a picture kurot did :') and spazzed out on anything not pictured on the running site.
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