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it's not hard to fall

i just finished spiral (both the book and the movie).

i dunno why i love this crap so much. finishing spiral makes me want to devote another day to the ring world even though i've read everything there two or more times (i even bought that horrible RING video game for dream cast XD).

i've been on a big Diana Wynne Jones kick lately, i've read all these books by her (i think in this order):

Howl's Moving Castle   i really liked this book even though i only read it because of the miyazaki film. i instantly fell in love with all the characters and it was incredibly easy to read even though the story was a little more intreque then i had expected from a kids book.
Castle in the Air i liked this, but i kind of put it off reading it at first because the beginning seemed like such an aladin rip off and it was marketed as the sequel to Howl, but it didn't seem to have any of the characters from Howl in it for about 9/10ths of the book. i wish there had been a third Howl book that had more to do with Sophie, Howl and the other characters from the first book.
Time of the Ghost this started slow, but i think that was only because the beginning was a little too conveluted. once things began to fall together it got really good and i was upset that it ended so abruptly.
Deep Secret this is one of my favorite books by jones. i was really sad to find out that it was a stand alone and not a part of a series. the characters and world(s) they occupied were so well thought out i was sure there had to be more.
Chronicles of Chrestomanci, the: Volume I & II i was really eager to read this beacuse it was a series and i was sure that i would love to read a series by this author. the fisrt book did not dissapoint, but the second was a little lacking since the stories were really stand alone books that had minor connections to the chrestomanci. i had really wanted to read more about cat (i dunno if it was because i liked his character or if it was because his name was cat XD) :'(
Mixed Magic yay! another story with cat in it. XD this was another book of short stories linked to the chrestomanci world.
Dark Lord of Derkholm from the cover art i really didn't think i was going to like this book, so i put off reading the series. i think i read some pita ten or deathnote, but i like to read in bed before i go to sleep, so i started it. i really liked it. it was nothing like i had expected and i was really glad that there was a sequel :')
Year of the Griffin the sequel to dark lord of durkholm. i expected that this story was going to be about the aftermath from the events in the previous book, but i was wrong again. it followed the life of one of the griffin's as she went to college.
The Homeward Bounders another book i put off reading because of (the title and) the cover art. again i really liked it, the story follows a boy who stumbles upon a group of advanced beings that use various worlds like board games, with very strick rules. one of the rules being that once a piece learns that it is a piece it can no longer play within it's original 'board' and becomes a wild card thrown randomly into 'the system' and told that if it can make it's way back to it's originating world it can rejoin the 'game'.
Hexwood the cover art on this book made me think of hobbits and stuff like lotrs so it too was put off, but seeing how all the books i put off reading i really liked i decided just to read them all.
i was warned right out from an online thing that most people did not like this book because they could not follow the story because it wasn't exactly linear. i took that as a challenge XD but i didn't have any problem following the story as it progressed and i thought the 'twist' that made the story confusing for most people was really clever.
Witch's Business a kids book. i liked it anyway, i like anything to do with witches :"D the charcters reminded me of cat and his sister
Cart and Cwidder eh, i dunno if i liked this or not. it was a long read for a short book and i just didn't seem to care about anyone in it. i've been putting off reading the last three books in the series :'l
Power of Three i thought this was going to be a real kids book because the cover looked ridiculous. but again, the story was nothing like what the cover implied. i was slightly confused about how tall everyone was in this book because humans were giants and the main characters seemed to be fairies and pixies, but they were as tall as humans, only slender in apperance :'D? i dunno, the story was good though it was all about equality and judging people because of thier race without being preachy and crazy like those disney movies where the white girl has to move in the the black girl and learn the 'color of love' or some shit XD
The Merlin Conspiracy *o* this book had a character from deep secret in it. i think by this book i was absolutley in love with jones' different worlds and this one even had different times in it (i'm a sucker for time travel XD). again the title and the cover didn't really match the story, but i've pretty much come to expect that now XD.
A Sudden Wild Magic :o an adult novel. it read pretty much like her childrens books except there was sex and cussing :'D! XDD i liked the main character and wanted her to hook up with a subcharacter. also jones used a slightly different approach to her multiverse where people died, it was interesting after all the kiddy stuff where the conesquences of traveling between worlds/universes was small of nonexistent.
Dogsbody XD i do not like dogs so i saved this for last. ;u; i loved it. it made me think about what a bastard i am to our dog XD the ending was sad, but for the best. i <3 sad but for the best.
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