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ready to go

nothing much happened today. actually that is a damn dirty lie XD today has been very weird. but not exactly in a 'ooh thats exciting' way.

i got a call from work today around 12 asking if i was going to come in at 12, so i told them no XD it turned out someone had changed the schedule and hadn't given me a new one, so i really was supposed to be in at 12 instead of 2 like i had thought :'D so i got ready and came in at 1 XDDD

then my mom made some really good chicken molé :d but i burned my insides on a really hot tomatoe (aka jesus has a mad crush on me yo *o*)

then! XD i got a weird call that was just .. weird. i don't want to rewrite it all.. oh wait i might have it on aim history :D

XD so earlier some guy came up to one of my officers and said he wanted to report a 'possible' case of child abuse. but it didn't happen within our jurisdiction

so i had to call metro and see if they would come out and take a report from this guy. only as we got more info out of this guy it was just crazy. he said that he was at a laundrymat and some lady he didn't know came up to him and told him to go report this other lady for childabuse because she had heard some crying coming from this apartment building XD

so metro was all like "uh, no. we will give you a number to call to report it." so this guy got all pissed off at our department and like stormed off to his CAR and said he would go the (um..) 3 or 4 blocks down the street to metro police department and file a complaint there if no one would help him


ok, so i think the same guy just called here

this guy kept talking about how he met the officer from the pervious incident and how he didnt have any complaints, and that the officer seemed nice (he said this all sexy like :'DD?)

so then he starts talking about how he can come live on our reservation, cause he's 100% blackfoot indian (which i am pretty sure he is not just from listening to his voice XD) but he didn't like ask it like a normal person

:'D he kept like throwing quesitons out left and right about random stuff, like whos the chief and why some indians had 5 states where they could gamble (we dont do anything kind gambling even though were in vegas XD)

so i tell him the chiefs name gloria hernandez (which is wrong, cause we just had elections and its someone new now) and he's all like "HERNANDZ! that's a mexican"

XDDD so i didn't know what to say, cause how do you explain to a grown man about how ladies can marry men and take thier names ?

so then my officer calls in with a traffic stop and im trying to tell this guy that if he really wants to learn more about his ancestry that he should call back on monday and talk to someone in our admin dept. and he's going on about how gloria is a girls name and why does our chief have a girls name XDDD so i tell him that she is a girl and he gets all upset, like i just told him he had cancer or something and gets a whine in his voice like he might cry and then he goes "okok, i gotta go." and hangs up

:'DDD wtf?

man i say so a lot :'DDD

so then i finally finished my DA id and made myself a button and icon to match it :D go me

check out how it matches the DA BG :']
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