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-o- i had to reformat my hardrive again. everything was fine then i restarted cause things were running really slow and windows wouldn't start back up unless i went into the taskmanager and closed down the explorer.exe then restarted it. only if i did that i got winsocket errors or something which wouldn't let me recieve any incoming internet connections.

took about 3-4 hours to burn everything that looked hard to replace to dvd-disk then another 2-3 hours reinstalling an old copy of win xp + upgrades (which are still on going).

:'D i've only been using my computer at home for drawing and downloading pr0n BTs so it's no big loss it's just aggrivating when i want to hop on my comp and look something up and find i cant.

ps - fixed some crap that was making my new lj layout be a tard. i like the changes even more then the intended outcome from yesterday.

i don't like to get too involved with lj styles and html code. it get's into my brain like one of those repeating pop-ups tainting all my thoughts with html crap till it's all i can thnk of. when i think about html too much i get really bad headaches.

on the plus side when i get into an html loop i become fucking brilliant with webpages :'D i changed kawaiibunny's layout in like 45 minutes.

pps - i can't stop listening to this song
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