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the sky is all gold and pink

this is yet another test post thingy, im still trying to get my style to do what i want, and i think the older posts are being eaten by the light blue table.

i was on time to work today :D

and david was here, apperantly he doesn't leave us till the 13th. thats spiffy. ^_^

he asked me to work a double shift though, that was not spiffy, but i usually stay up till 6 or 7am anyway, so it doesnt really matter, and i get over time (w00t! more monies).

i got a contributor (SP?) tag at OC today, it says '-nyo', i think im gonna have to ask for it to be changed though, cause now all the kids are asking me what nyo means again. and i stopped doing the -nyo all the time at OC just so i wouldnt be asked that anymore.


:d i got the calendar page up and stuff in like les then an hour, i am so cool its scary..
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