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work has been odd lately. maybe it's because i know now that i'm not going to be there for very much longer. sometimes that thought makes me sad because in all honesty i have the absolute fucking perfect job (for me). i guess the other side of that coin is not liking/being liked by my coworkers? :'D that's not really fair though, cause i'm pretty sure it's only the chief and possibly the lutenient that dislike me (and probably the cop i have nicknamed office fuck face :'D).

usually the only reason someone doesn't like me is because underneath it all thier just evil (really, i'm not trying to boost my ego or proclain saintlyness, but i can pretty much say that statement is about 99% true) so it always confounds me when someone without a sleazy/evil feeling doesn't like me.

then again maybe i'm too preoccupied with the ghosts and junk i think have been stalking me lately :'D? (<- paranoid, seriously)

in brighter news i've started playing RO again. i love RO, i don't care what anyone says about it or that i've done just about everything you can do in the game. RO is like my prozak :')

i wish i could get back into WoW, but WoW just feels like a hassle. everyone i know there is on me all the time to level up, do some quest, learn some talent. it's almost like being the lowest intern on the ladder :'d

i'm playing on FordRO now. i also have an account on RORevolution but rorev is too fucking laggy and dc every 5-10 minutes. also i don't really agree with the way rorev is run. you can get banned or reprimanded for telling new players where npcs are. :'D i probably wouldn't mind that all that much if the npcs were like for glib gear, but when you take out the npc where you buy your hunter a flacon and make a whole new one and hide it.. that pisses me off, esp when i ask a large group where the new one is (its totally obvious im a newbie there too) and everyone is afraid or just a jerk and doesnt answer.


oh yea, we went to go see cursed tonight. i liked it :') but all i could keep thinking while i watched it was "this is a fucking werewolf movie, my grandma used to go watch werewolf movies.." XD also, christina ricci was pretty good in it, not at all kooky or wednesday adams like, like i thought she might be.

and! joshua jackson <3 still a hottie *u*

>:'( my BT's keep stopping. i dunno if it's a client thing, a BT thing or a tracker thing. i'm downloading the newest client and BT just in case.
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