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XD i was going to say that i spent most of the day playing wow, but i think i actually spent most of the day explaining some of the longer story arch of buffy and angel to someone.

:o then i played wow. i'm making a new character because i just don't feel motivated to play my lv 34 troll priestess. i made a undead warlock on gorfiend named Meringue :'D

then i got distracted and drew this

it's basicly a copy (*cough* trace *cough*cough*)  of the original character sketch for xander from the (unlikely?) buffy animated show in the works. just minus the shirt, shoes and an open fly XD

i was going to do somethign similar with the angel character, but maybe i will try to sketch out a rough of spike in the same style (i'm a helpless spike/xander fangirl :'D)

ps - i want to go buy the first season of carnivale, but i'm feeling terribly lazy ..
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