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johnny has the keys..

:O shoyru told me you don't get point things for deleting comments.
*i did not know this* i think i will delete 300 more stupid comments tomorrow just for fun :'D i only got through like the first 30 pages of the TG anyway.
the BY has been so slow lately, well not really i guess .. it kinda seems like that cause most of the pics getting submitted have been crap :') maybe i should put something in the notice about not drawing crap?
:o speaking of the notice, pipi did the coolest notice, i totally copied her, just changing whatever needed to be changed for the BY. i_am_the_biggest_thief

look at this: purplepussy.net it's fucking hilarious :D
:O hey wait, if you are a little kid or something, don't look at that.. it might make you cry and dream about bleeding out of your ass :'d

me and my brother went to walmart last night cause i wanted to get one of those new gameboy advance sp's but walmart sucks balls or something cause they had like 50 ads (in store) for the SP but they did not sell it. i even asked the lady in electronics and she was all like the ghetto authority on nintendo. she tried to 'learn me good' about how the nintendo was ripping off america by saying that you cant play gameboy advance games on the old original gameboys (the ones that look like cell phones from the 80's) when you really could play gameboy advance games on them. :'D then she tried to steal my 'cashback' monies.

then we ate taco bell, watched the first tenchi movie (old skool tenchi is teh cool) and um that's all

the end :D

oh yea!! i updated some of the stuff to the left, i added a section for cool journals i read daily. some are already in my 'friends' some aren't. :O i dont remember if i put teh bunny in that list .. i'll have to check later.
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