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i got a 5 day suspension from work today for being late 21 times in 6 months. which if anyone is wondering averages out to 3-4 days a month. :'D i was told that the next time it happened i would be terminated. so i had to talk to my boss about that since (in all honesty) 3-4 days a month doesn't seem excessive enough to warrent a termination. i know some of the officers log in late as many times as i do, but they're all on hand written timesheets while dispatch has to use a timeclock with a swipe-y card.

my boss brought up two things quit a lot during our 'meeting'

1. transfering out of the department
2. cutting back my hours

and he mentioned that this wasn't anything personal a few times. :'d now i try not to be that paranoid, but he relly brought it up too many times for comfort.

i think my paranoid suspicions that he want's me gone might be a little true.

so i have two choices right now.

i can transfer out to a different department (i'd probably have to take like a 5-8$ cut in pay)
wait till he quits (which should be soon i think) then see if david will destroy my personal file, erasing my write ups, and pretend like none of it ever happened.

oh, or i guess i can be good and just try really hard to be on time.

or i guess get a whole new job outside of the tribe ..

but i happen to really like working for my tribe (and not just being some nepotistic leech).

i really don't want to make any grown up decisions about this. i don't think i want to make any grown up decisions at all XD i'm really tired of being the one in charge. i kind of just wanna be fucking lazy (i mean really lazy) and sit around the house reading and drawing. or maybe taking a class and letting my mom and brother be in charge of everything for a while.

ps drew this in shi and added border in photoshop.

i still don't really like shi

pps (shufu!!!) :'( being a little put off by the whole suspension thing i got to missing shufu and went and ate white rice and beef curry and then tried to go to the virgin mega store, but the virgin mega store is fucking gone XDDD! they're putting in an express where it used to be :( and there's not even another store like that in the forum. the only thing remotly close is the sony style store which sales a few dvds (and some nice minidisk players ;u;)

oh and the forum has a circular esculator. it looks cool, but it takes forever to get from one level to the next XD
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