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i was in a rather lot of pain yesterday and i don't really understand why. it was centered around my lower back and legs, so maybe i just blocked it out all day till i got home and tried to relax or something. who knows. today it kind of feels like i had a really hard work out the day before. aka fucking sexy TTuTT?!

my new scheduel is being something of a bastard. oh, i have a new schedule because tommy either quit or got fired (i think he quit, but there was no notice, so maybe fired :D?). anyway, my new schedule over laps with my mom and sammy's work/school schedule so i've been even later then usual for work lately cause i have to wait for a bathroom to become free or something stupid.

:3 i watched the end of wonderfalls last night. i think i am glad that it's not going to have a second season. it ended perfectly.

i think i am developing some kind of a supernatural hypochondria. every little thing that seems a little off lately has me looking for the demons or blaming zombie-jesus :'D

oh i ordered a home at the end of the world from cable last night. it was cute. :'D i don't think it's all that well that sad things are the only type of things i like anymore.
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