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it's almost been a month since i last updated. i am a sexy young rebel.

i am actually reading my old entries to try to find out where i left off.

R.O.S.E. is pretty cool. i've got a lv 22 muse and a lv 26 dealer. i'll probably start a soldier today.

nothing too serious or interesting has happened to me in the last month. oh well there was a few days when everyone who came into contact with me told me a story.
all the stories had three things in common; a ghost, a monster and a hero.

a few weeks ago i noticed that something was following me at home at night. at first i thought it might be a homeless person or one of the vagrants that live nearby, but then i noticed that whatever it was only walked when i walked. i got the vibe that it was supernatural in nature, so i bought some silver bells and wore them on my ankle so that they chimed whem i walked. that made it go away. or so i thought. a few nights later i heard something above me in the trees whenever i walked under one.

so now i'm waiting for the ghost and the hero to get off their asses and give me a call.

i love diana wynne jones, honestly. i've read so many of her books in the last month it's insane. and i keep ordering more of them. doing the math in my head i think i spend about 100-150$ a month on books.

eh nothing much else to say. oh wonderfalls is fucking fabulous. i wish that the series had stayed on the air.

oh, also, here's some artjunks :D enjoy

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