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"Buffy contre les Vampires" : le jeu

Aux alentours de l'automne 2000, Fox Interactive commercialisera l'adaptation de la série "Buffy contre les Vampires" sur Playstation, Dreamcast et PC. En voici les premières images.

click for larger images

does anyone speak um french (i'm guessing)? the first two images look like they could be from a very early version of the buffy video game, the vampires look like the generic vampires you fight through out the game, but the weapon and health (? the flame) icons aren't exactly the same and i don't exactly remember the area in picture #2 (picture #1 looks like sunnydale high XD i know too much about this ..). picture #3's version of buffy isn't in either of the buffy games that i know of though.
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