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here's my 12 lines for that horrible post the first line from the first post of every entry in 2004 meme. i had to make a few exceptions where the first line i posted was a link or a table or something :'D
jan: i'm not recieving email notifications from livejournal anymore .. is this something new?

feb: spooty time spooty sleep spooty obsessions

mar: i've lost my fucking tablet pen ..

apr: figureing i was bloody enough to warrant a day off, i called around to see if the family wanted to do anything.

may: i've decided to do another picture in photoshop, all realism, no lineart.

jun: i didn't bring my tablet to work today cause i had thought that i would be playing ro all day, but i've been fucking patching the game for about six and a half hours XD

jul: :'d there is something so wrong withn my eyes ..

aug: i have this detatched pain behind my eyes.

sep: uh i made this for some spike/buffy fans that knew i had a copy of the wrecked dailies and i thought i should prolly link to it in my journal for a couple of days before i take it down XD (link)

oct: hm, i am um .. better.

nov: ha! i am home.

dec: ha, at the end it asked me two of the questions over again and these are the different results.
i uh, hate coming to work with wet hair. i'm very tempted to bring my blowdryer to work in my backpack and drying my hair during a slow period.

:'d i hate coming to work hungry too. i really should get up earlier so i cna eat, but i love sleeping in XDDD
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