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:o i have to pee like a mofo!!

i just deleted some 300+ stupid "cool" "cute" "awesome" comments in the training grounds and at the same time removed any of the 'mark as finish' warning i put on pics that are now marked finished, and um .. instead of getting 300+ rank points for doing mod work i actually lost like 20 points from all my warning comments i deleted from myself .. wtf is up with that? :'D

everyone keeps talking about war ..
i wish they would talk about something neat like buffy, the war hadn't even really started yet and i was already bored with it. :l

:B so um .. i forgot while i opened this up to write about.

i'm watching angel, i dont know if i like this show anymore .. conner is such an ass i wish cordelia would just eat his face or something so that the show can get good again.

shufu is teh bomb yo!!

:O why does simon always call me when some tv stuff is on?

boys are cute :'D <- for silv
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