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dvd drive was super easy to install. i think my skill at computer hadware has raised to a +3 :")

i always feel a little weird when i have to open/change something inside of my computer. i think because i feel like i don't belong there or something like it's a magical/sacred area and since i don't fully understand how anything in there works i don't really belong anywhere near there XD

sadly i think my computer is turning out to be a pos :'D when i bought it a few years back it was really cool and had some nice features and hardware, but i've had to change like three or four diff peices of hardware and i think i've only had it for about maybe 3 years. our last computer lasted about 5 or 7 years before it had to start getting new hardware and soon after that all began it just died completly. :'(

my stupid brother made kevin take him to walmart to buy another desk (he's bought maybe 6 in the last 3 years :'D 4 of which we still have in diff areas of the house just taking up space) he waited till my mom was gone, but she called so i told her XD so hopefully she will beat him upon the face with a broke and some broken glass? :'D

:'( i really need kevin to replace my ceiling fan. my room is the furthest away from the ac and there's some damage to the air ducts under the house so i rely solely on my fan for temp control and circulation and a few weeks ago it blew a fuse or something and won't spin very fast (its going so slow i can stick my hand in between the blades without getting hit) so now sometimes it gets so hot and stuffy in my room that i wake up barely able to breathe. X3

on the plus side having a broken fan got those bastard freeloading turtles out of my room. oddly there is a dark stain on my wall where their aquarium used to be. it looks like someone took a rag and poured tea on it then wiped a few circles on the wall. XD what's really weird is it's an old stain and it won't come off and its pretty big, larger then the turtle tank, but no one noticed it till the tank was removed.
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