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:( i was going through some of sueworld2003's old entries (trying to see where her current icon came from XD - also there seem to be a lot of her works that i missed because they were friend locked before so i'm getting to see a lot of new stuff <3) and i felt something kind of 'give' in my coat pocket. at first i thought it was my cheap plastic tablet pen (which looks very easy to break) but when i reached in my pocket it was one of my favorite cds, tori amos - tales from a librarian. now i'm all sad :'d

XD i really hate buying cds more then once, but i should have seen this coming, i've had to buy almost all of my tori amos cd's atleast 2 or 3 times cause i wear them out :'D

on a food note, does anyone else not like being asked about what you're eating?

on wednesdays i work with daniel (who has been looking a little sexier each time i see him for some reason? :'D) for a couple of hours and he always asks me about what i'm eating or what i've just eaten. i dunno why, but it always kind of bugs me XD

:'d i also don't like for people at work to see/watch me eat.

:D omg i loaded up a FFX game save with a bunch of cheat codes. i fucking rock. XD i have to save a lot though because all the codes kind of mix up the game (like all the ultimate weapons were equipped on the wrong characters when the game started, and since rikku starts as ???? you can't equip her godhand until she reveals her name, which is about 1-2 hours into the game) other wise the game will error and like jesus cries)
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