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a little while ago i felt kind of sick. i ignored it (because i command this body it does not command me XD :'D).

the feeling never really got any worse, but then i thought, "i kind of feel like i might throw up."

then i did. :D

i don't think i've ever thrown up with out a reason before.

*o* what a magical experiance?

ps - finished howl's moving castle today and really really liked it. i bought the sequal too, but i haven't really started it yet. i think i might buy some more books from this author.

pps - i also finished the second book of the abarat yesterday. i thought that it might be a series of maybe 4 or so books, but it feel like everything was pretty much concluded in book two. :(
it also felt like a watered down version of imajica or an 'imajica for kids' type thing, but i like it anyway.

ppps - XD ha. that katamari game is cool. i think shufu and brenna might like it. i also finally opened my resident eveil 4 demo today and tried it out for like 10 minutes. XD i died 3 times and only ever made it to the 'creepy village' then decided to stop playing (also because angery villagers kepts poking me with sticks -o-).
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