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XD ok first off the gaia event was cool, but i'm too scatter brained to wait exactly 10 minutes before trying again, so i only got 1 gift from the shop owners (XD crazy red pants) but what was even more fun (once i got it to work) was the mistletoe thingy :3

i spent the night kissing mite.

:D also look at this!

standard mode 640x480 (the lowest quality)

fine mode like 960x1280 (um, one of the better qualities, dunno if its teh best)
(also resized by about 30% in photoshop)

for xmas me and my brother went in together (XD i dunno why it was only like 200$) and bought my mom a new digiatl camera.

i don't really know where any pictures from our old digital camera are, but believe me even at the best quality settings it didn't come anywhere close to the new camera's lowest quality setting XDDD (edit* hoho i just found out that the new camera also does video with sound, i'd show you the video i made, but it was just of my hand and looks like the first clip in a pr0n series or something XDDDD)

:'D and yes my room looks like it belongs to a teenage girl obsessed with spike.
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