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XD i uh .. put my ro server back up (which wasn't easy since i'm using a new emulator and korean ro has banned american ips).

so if anyone is interested in joining (rejoining if you played before) drop me a comment here and i'll point you in the direction of some install guides.

XD i'm a little peeved though, since i mainly put the server back up because someone asked me to and now she doesn't even want to join (even though all it'd take for her to play on my server is a 2MB download :'DDD).

other then that thing's have been a little boring/hectic around here with xmas shopping and seasonal family drama (which i am not a part of for once, since i am working on all the holidays this year :D go me!)

:'d anyway, this post is mostly to get people to join my ro server so that i don't feel like taking it down since there are only two people on it right now and i'm one of them :"D
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