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shufu: hey lover
shufu: :-(
shufu: you make me sad
shufu: with saddness!
shufu: cruel!
shufu: hey
shufu: stop playing your wow game
shufu: it is full of whores and dirtiness
shufu: you make me want to puke up blood
shufu: in your refridgerator
shufu: which is gross
shufu: in japan the fridges have this pull out drawer for veggies
shufu: and i will puke in that pull out drawer
shufu: it will be so cool
shufu: you will be all like "DUDE"
shufu: and i will say simon did it
shufu: haha
shufu: simon sucks
shufu: ;_; real tears
shufu: they fall
shufu: like leaves
shufu: in the wind
shufu: in the fall
shufu: get over here
shufu: you bastard
shufu: i will just make this longer and longer and longer and you will have so much to read when you decide to come back to the computer that you will commit suicide and be a ghost and have your ghostly body fly over here..
shufu: then you will find where i live and haunt me and make the walls bleed, but they secret messages you write will let me know it is you then we can go out and get tea and hello kitty flavored snacks
shufu: and then laugh like children drunk off their father's beer.  it will be a jolly old time
shufu: jesus h christ on a chocolate pogo stick i am really bored, can you tell?
shufu: BACON
shufu: dude
shufu: the bacon here sucks
shufu: it is all limp and impotent
shufu: soft like an 80 year old man's penis
shufu: SICK
shufu: i dont like breakfast that much anymore
shufu: heh
shufu: haha
shufu: my stories are great
shufu: i am great
shufu: the best person in the world
shufu: dammit
shufu: haha
shufu: i demand casual friday
:'d actually i was watching a Dodeball and lusting after Justin Long.
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