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happy birthday silent_clarion :3

XD man i shouldn't be allowed on ebay

:'D i can't even remember how i got to ebay, but i ended up looking for one of those giant theatre promotional posters for xmen 2. i really wanted the one with wolverine (<3 hugh jackman) but no one had it. :'d then i did find it but it was part of a set (all the characters XD) for 60$ so i ended up bidding on that and a orlando bloom/pirates of the caribean one :'D and two Angel/Spike posters that was used in a WB promotional thing for Angel the series. about 102$ all together at starting bids.

:'d i wanna get WoW, but our walmart didn't have it, and the next closest one was closed for thanks giving, even though thanks giving had been over for about 5 hours X3

omg swiftsword has totally gotten me into irc and scantilations. yesterday i had planned to play fable all day (im using the hero save cheat on the arena to get assloads of exp), but i ended up learning some irc crap and reading a bunch of really cute shoujo one shot scantilations. i might upload this one called apple cheek love cause it was so sweet X3

hm, the last thing i did today was watch Sleep Over. XD so cute, i found myself grinning like a dummy during all the tiny BFF type scenes, remembering my highschool years.

:d i think i will read some more earthsea. i read the first two book in maryland (on flights, so really somewhere over the midwest), but couldn't read the third book because every reprinting since the 70's hasn't included a number on the books or a list on the inside that tells you the order. the only reason i read the first two books in order is because the 1 book just so happened to have a review blurb that said 'first book' and i bought the second one in a used book store, so it was printed in the 70's :"D

i had to do a websearch (and uh, not a quick easy one) to find out what order they go in. i had had it right, but i thought i was missing something since ged's age seems to jump really far from the second to third book X3 but then again i might just be ruined by lotr and assume that to attain a postion of power and respect a wizard has to be all old and gandalf like :"D
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