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jerry mcguire is not teh sex

:'d i signed up for some nifty new oekaki boards. i drew crap !! but it was semi-good crap, and it hasn't been deleted, so yea ..

i talked to shufu on the phone again :'D i said stuff, it was great.

i forgot that i had to work a double shift last night, so i was sitting at work (all my stuff ready to go) and no one showed up, so i looked at the schedule :D i am so stupid it hurts sometimes..

yes, so i stayed (where would i go anyway? home? to sleep? not me, i am work-man, i work all the time) and stuff happened, work related stuff, it was boring. so i did a lot of modding things at oc.
then i started a contest in the dojo (mostly cause i wanted to use the new contest script thing X'3) it's a draw any character from buffy the vampire slayer beside buffy contest :D

i drew a picture for it:


hm .. then it was 7am, so shonda came into relieve me, but i ended up staying till like 720am cause we were talking about plane tickets and stuff.

kawa did some looking up stuff and said for me tickets would be like 500-600$ monies, which was almost the first class price for a one way trip from las vegas to chicago. so i talked to shonda (who is a mini travel agent) and she got prices for tickets that were like 300$ less. so shonda is going to get tickets for me, kawa and tro today. :')
i think i read in kawa's LJ that its more expensive for her now, i dunno though, i might have been explaining it wrong to her, i think it might be cheaper, if not, i will buy her some love hina junks at the con :'D or um like kidnap that love hina mangaka guy for her.

:o omg .. and i am so stupid or something cause shonda needed our real names for the tickets and i know kawas real name, but i like never even thought to ask what tro's name is, cause i just always called her tro, so i had to look on the OD group site and i was checking profile and all the profiles had were nicknames >:o but then something in my brain thing remembered that kat made up a database thing with everyones contact info, and i found tro's name (it was like finding heaven) hm ..

yes, so then i went home and it was all pretty like, even for being the stupid morning. the sun was shining on stuff and made everything look like it was gilded with gold and silver, and the little orange tree my mom got was blooming and the yard smelled sweet like orange blossom :'D

then i got in teh house and got on teh computer ~ yay :'D
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