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new mexico

i arrived in tuscon around 1 or 2 am (ish) and expected simon and one of this friends, but his mom came instead. :'D which was ok, cause that meant i didn't have to meet anyone new and force small talk for 3 hours, but also lame, because her and simon find the most minute things about one another to bitch about. also, i had made simon 10 cd's and she made us turn them off after cd 3 because she wanted to drive .. XDDDD which meant for about an hour we had to listen to tejano music. luckily it was selena (no carcaha :'[) so it was kind of bearable.

we got into silver (or where ever the hell they live :"D) around dawn (uh, 5 or 6am i guess) and i wasn't really tired and agreed to go pine nut picking with helen and the family. XD simon got all crotchety over that, but we ended up 'over sleeping' (aka i layed around in bed for an hour listening to music while simon slept in the living room and ignored the phone that rang for about 2 hours XD) so we missed that (which i was kind of bummed about, since i haven't went pine nut picking in about 10 years and love fresh pine nuts :'D).

eh, so before i came down, simon kept telling me about all these plans he was making. different things we could do so we didn't end up staying home the whole time i was there. even on the 3 hour drive from tuscon to silver he kept telling me about stuff he had 'planned' like going to see a play, or visiting the local shops and art galleries and the one thing i was actually looking forward to, having a slumber party with chayo, monica and sandy), but that whore didn't plan anything. :'DDD

day one

uh,i believe this was halloween. because of my vampire schedule, the days bleed into one another for me, so sometimes i'll be talking about tuesday, but might tell you it was wednesday or january. :'D anyway, i had threatened simon's life a number of times on the phone because he kept saying he wanted to have a party for me on halloween. XD usually i could care less about that kind of junk, but i wasn't really up for a party where i only knew person. so there wasn't a party and we ended up taking his little brother trick or treating.

:'D his brother is like 13, but he looks about 17. i'm 5'8' and he was a couple of inches taller then me. XD he's in jr high, but plays football for the highschool.

i thought i was just along for the ride, but simon had other plans. i guess since i told him he couldn't have a party, he found one (kind of XD) we ended up at his god mother's (XD this is prolly the 3rd god mother of his i'd met). there were probably about 15 people there eating, cooking or watching tv and instead of introducing me to everyone when we got there and like finding seat for me in this strangers home simon left me standing halfway between the kitchen and the living room while he went to smooze with some lesbian in the kitchen. :'D so the bitch finally introduces me and tells me to sit down XD only there's no where to sit unless i just snatch a chair from someone and leave them bleeding on the floor. so i declined to sit and simon went back to talking to the lesbian until his godmother said something to him and he got me a seat. :'D a seat that was practically in his godmother's lap. XD also it was next to the stove where they were cooking a huge vat of menudo (which i can not stand, and was already making me really naseous) so i declined again making some excuse about sitting all day long and needing to stretch my legs or something equally as lame. XD

so we finally leave (thank god :"D) to do some more trick or treating and simon decides to steal this ugly little dog cause it walked by his car. :'D he already has two full grown cats, so god only knows what he was thinking trying to take home an old fat dog.

XDDDDD then we ended up back at his god mother's house!

:'d so i told him that i wasn't feeling well and was gonna stay in the car. XD and i told him to make some excuse to his god mother that didn't make it seem like i didn't like her or her house, i told him to say that i wasn't feeling well cause of the menudo (which was true XD). so he comes back out like 40 minutes later and tells me that he said something about how i didn't like her cooking. :'DDDDD so she said that i had to come back the next day when they weren't cooking cause i wasn't a 'real mexican' or something. XDDDD yea like that was going to happen. :'D

oh, XD yes, so we were finally leaving cause simon all of a sudden felt bad for taking this dog and wanted to take it back. so we drove back to this neighborood that was not the neighborhood where we got the dog. :'D and i told simon, that, but he said it was because there was a white house (XD great logic there), but i knew it wasn't the right place cause the place where we found the dog had two houses with strobe lights on the porches. one regular and one blue (the house with the blue light had a weird fence also) and this neighborhood didn't have any strobe lights. XD also the weird fence wasn't there. but simon said that this was the place and took the dog to the only house with a light on and gave the dog to the lady there cause when she called it 'poochy' the look in the dog's eyes said that she was his owner. :'DDDDD

XDDDDD omg i almost forgot! (i had to scroll back up to type this :'D) this was also the night when simon took me driving around the univeristy campus. he said he wanted to check the theatre billboard to see if we could go to this play, but it wasn't playing during the days i was there. XD so as we were leaving we had to turn at this 4 way stop and there was a big truck to the left of us turning very slowly. so we were both watching it was we turned left (going around it slowly) and then there was this soft knock/scratching on the back passenger window XD so we both turned to see what it was (i was expecting it to be someone who lived on campus and recognized simon's car) and there was this guy in a black hoodie with a creepy skeleton (bunny? :'D i dunno, maybe something like from that donny darko movie) mask on standing next to the car scratching the window like a dog that wants to be let in. XDDDDDDDD

:'D so after the initial shock, i told simon to ignore him and keep driving (simon was slowing down and getting ready to stop) XD so what does simon do? he fucking argues with me saying that it could be someone hurt or someone that needs help. :'D right. on halloween night, someone hurt is walking up to cars in his scary mask asking for help. XD so i after pointing out the obvious to him, simon decides to stomp on the gas (we were on a hill :'D) so we go sailing down this hill like the devil is after us, which prolly gave those college guys an even bigger laugh before simon finally stopped (XD) and says "maybe i should go back.. what if i hit him and thats why he was knocking?" XDDDD i really felt like punching simon in the face :'D

hm .. i met a lot of lesbians in new mexico. i don't think it was all on the first day, but i met so many, that it's hard to place when or where i met them :'D i think this was the day that i met the cute ones though. XD i can't remember there names though (i know i suck) but one was blonde and girl-y cute and her girlfriend was a brunette and looked like a 15 year old boy (a cute 15 year old boy XD) the brunette had a mohawk, it was really cool.

anyway, we ended up watching saved (XD i read my book cause i had already seen it) and um .. something else, i forget what. we watched a lot of movies. we probably rented about 30 different videos over the 3 or 4 days i was there. XD oh i remember, we watch confessions of a teenage drama queen, which i had also already seen, and didn't really care for. i think i ate almonds during that movie and tried to make them break into symetrical peices using only my mouth. XDDD

oh also, i made popcorn on simon's stove cause he didn't have a microwave and it was both yummy and ghetto. :D

uh, and i think simon took this picture of himself that night.

day two

XD i think this is the day i met his friend jess (:'D does everyone have a friend named jessica? i think i have like 4 XD) and um, i can't remember thier names, but it was this couple, i think the girl worked with simon at the hospital and he went to school with the guy. simon kept arguing with the guy and it ended up in spitting and wet willies. :'D omg everytime i see a weird or ugly couple (not that they were weird or ugly, i'm just thinking outloud here :'D) i have to stop and wonder how the hell i am not in a relationship. :o i must waste about an hour a week doing that. XD

uh, i like goofy white guys. XD actually i just like goofy guys in general, and i think simon kept trying to get me to say something like that about if i thought this guy was cute or something, cause he kept making comments on how goofy and white he was :'D but i was all like 'jigga-wha? jigga-who?' XD

XD! omg, more lesbians, but again, i don't remember names or anything. :'D i do remember though that simon introduced me to every girl we met, but only about 4 guys (4 out of say 20 that we met :'D?). and the only reason i believe he introduced me to the 4 he did was because the 3 were in relationships and one was fat and ugly (:'D that's not really a put down, cause i'm pretty sure he was secure enough with himself to admit that he was fat and not very attractive).

XDDDDD omg and we stalked this guy ernie (simon's love interest, if he's telling the truth about any of that XD i can't say either way since i didn't meet him because conveniently got bludgeoned upon the head the day before i came down and put under house arrest by his girlfriend XDDDD). eh, so simon is like going to go to jail or get a restraining order placed upon him. whenever we were going back to the house he planned the return trip so that he passed by this guys house. XD at first he didn't tell me and because i didn't really know the town i just thought that it was the way you went to get back to the house, but when it took us 5 minutes to get to a store, but 20 minutes to get home i started to catch on and threatened to shank simon if he wasted any more of my time driving by this guys house. :"D cause sometimes we'd like drive by at night when you couldn't even see the goddamn house.

hm, i think .. this was the night the fat guy and his roommate came over to watch angels in america with us and i got in an argument with simon about gay marriage. XD i had orignally written this up a lot longer and in detail, but this fuck-head cop i'm working with today keeps bugging me about mexicans in a shed that isn't even on our property, so i accidently deleted what i had written. :'D

anyway, simon would harp on and on about how bush was going to ruin college by raising the cost of tuition and letting publishers break the price cap on text books and with two vitcims who weren't .. def (though i doubt that would have stopped him) he started talking about bush and college and somehow ended up saying something about how he supported bush in banning gay marriage. XD simon said this, a self proclaimed fag.

:'D this bothered me for two reasons. one, i don't think simon is gay, and i don't think he should voice his opinion on gay marriage if he's against it then use his 'homosexuality' as a scapegoat to get out of justifying why he thinks it should be banned. two, the best reason he could come up with for saying he was against gay marriage was because he "doesn't want to get married" himself. XD just because you're a confused straight boy with psychologicall damage because you were emasculated by your domineering mother making you so effeminate that it's easier for you to lie to yourself and others and claim to be a homosexual then try to even figure out who you really are doesn't mean you get to voice your contrary opinions that are obviously derived from your straight ego and try to force them upon others XD especially true homosexuals.

:'D sorry if that sounds bitchy.

oh yes, then in angels in america the closeted gay mormon said something to his wife about how he had to deny his homosexuality because of his mormon beliefs and simon said something like "i hate people like that. i hate when someone denies who they are or won't let themselves have something because of thier religion or sexuality." XD to which i replied something like this "bitch, you don't want to let gays get married. and you're gay."

day three

eh, this is the day i went to school. :'D it was pretty obviouse to me by now that simon hadn't made any of the plans he had talked about because we had spent the majority of my time there at his house watching movies (we couldn't watch tv because simon was 'too busy' to hook up his antenna, though busy doing what i dunno, since he spent a lot of his time stalking ernie or sleeping or .. meeting lesbians or smokeing, or meeting lesbians to smoke with.) XD he had told me before i came down that on tuesday he would have to go to class, but when he told me that he said it was only one class and that it was at night between 7pm and 9pm, but we ended up in class all day.

the first class was about brain synapsis, all of it i pretty much knew already just from watching those discovery channel shows and uh, not being a moron. :'D so i spent most of the time drawing. i drew this picture of a girl in a bikini shooting simon with a gun. :'D the girl sitting on my right kind of got freaked out when i started drawing the gun, so i had to erase it and redraw it so that it looked like a toy or something cause i didn't want her to pass out in class. XD

the next class was anatomy or something. it was actually kind of interesting. we got to watch a video with a disected man in it so that they could point out all the muscles in arm and leg. after the video the class broke up into two groups. simon got into the group with the teachers aid and they went over the muscles in the chest arm and leg on models while the teachers group went over the brain or something that sounded more interesting.

:'D i felt bad for the people in the teacher's aid's group. she really didn't know what she was talking about. XD and i'm not like some expert on muscles, so if i knew she didn't know what she was doing, she had to be doing really really bad. she kept telling people to skip the parts she didn't know because they weren't going to be on the test. :'D they skipped a lot of things.

i'm pretty sure that simon only got into that group because there was this football guy in it that he had been flirting with all through the class. :'D after the class he said he had to go to the rest room, so i walked off towards the exit to wait for him and had to wait forever. then when he finally got there he was talking to the football guy (who he had followed into the restroom XD) of course i wasn't introduced, so i went to car and just laughed to myself as simon made up all this crap about how he went hunting with a bow and arrow instead of a gun, because only true hunters hunt with a bow and arrow. XDDD i've had a few lessons in archery, so i know that simon was talking out of his ass.

in the end, the straight football guy wouldn't pay attention to simon's creepy lies and attempts at flirting and simon finally got into the car all dejected and we went back home or to get more movies, i forget, but i know we were supposed to go do something, maybe meet more lesbians, but simon was in a bad mood and we ended up staying home. i watched this movie i rented that i wanted simon to watch, cause it's one of those movies that makes you think and we hadn't had a real conversation yet and i thought it would be an easy way to get into one of those all night debates we used to have, but he kept pretending to fall asleep (something he does when he's upset XD).

oh i remember, it was the last night i was going to be there and i still hadn't really seen monica or chayo or sandy and obviously simon hadn't set up the slumber party he had promised even though i had asked him about it about 4 times since i had gotten there (giving him more then enough time to actually set it up) so we were supposed to meet up with monica and chayo (sandy had went out of town that morning before simon finally decided to call people) and hang out. but since simon was being such an ass, i told him just to call monica and chayo and tell them that we weren't going to meet up and i went to bed.

XD actually i just went to the bedroom and sat in bed making this hemp bracelet from a kit i had bought at walmart.

so it turned out that simon never called chayo and monica, so when we didn't show up they came over to the house. :'D by then i was really pissed with simon and glad that i was leaving the next day.

so we hung out in simon's bedroom while he pouted on the couch and talked about what a freak he was for getting all bitchy because some straight guy didn't give him his number. XD it was so awesome to see monica again. and chayo, sometime's i think i'm really more friends with them then i am with simon. mostly i guess cause there's no pretense in our relationships. we just like each other cause we like each other. as with simon, a lot of the time i feel like i'm his friend cause i feel bad for him and i think he stays my friend so he can try to one up me.

here's a picture of monica.

monica and chayo left and i was going to go to bed when i heard them come back and monica came back and asked me if i wanted to come to chayo's house and play monopoly (we used to stay up till like 4 am playing monopoly when everyone lived in vegas and made up crazy new rules the best of which was hooker monopoly)

i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked. XD i did get two pictures of chayo's husband michael with out a shirt on, but they came out a little blurry cause my camera batteries were dying and i had to like jiggle the camera to keep it from turning off.

XD i really can't believe how much tall i am then everyone. i don't think i've grown taller since i last saw them, but i felt like a giant or something when we all stood next to one another.

:3 i got to give michael a hug that lasted a little longer then it should with his no shirtness though, that was cool (<- talk about creepy XDDDDD).


simon had asked around about how long the drive to tuscon was and everyone had said it was a 4+ hour drive, but simon and his mom had made it in under 3 hours going to and from. so we had planned to get up early and then me, simon, chayo and monica would go to breakfast and hang out a little before we had to head out to tuscon (chayo and monica had to drive to las cruces or something to get chayo's maid or nanny, i forget :'D, a social security card or something) but helen decided that she wanted to drive with simon again (:"D yay) so the plans got fucked up and we ended up having to wait around, but helen never showed, so we decided to go eat. i programed myself into everyone's cell phone as sex chan then we had to wait around for helen somemore.

she finally arrived about 30 minutes after we were supposed to have left and wanted to go eat and everything, but we didn't have time. :'D her and simon agrued about things. i finished my hemp bracelet and then fell asleep. XD i kept waking up thinking that i was driving and that i had dozed off, so it wasn't really restfull.

we got to the airport really early though, so i checked by bag and got my pass and we went to eat lunch. i got some crazy ice with chocolate and like cinnamon and coffee grounds in it that was supposed to be mexican chocolate icecream XD but didn't really eat any cause i was still full from breakfast and helen kept telling me that i needed to eat something so i didn't get hungry on the flight.

XD then we went to look at this giftshop for a bit and then i headed off to the gate. we checked out another giftshop that sold magazines. i thought i had a lot of free time cause i was looking at the departing time and not the loading time, so i ended up missing my flight because i got 'randomly' picked for the special security check (again XD).

the new flight i was put on left 20 minutes later and instead of going through denver it went through chicago (i can not escape chicago :'D)


i arrived in maryland around 12am and waited till i was off the plane to call kawa because this guy kept staring at me on the plane XD <- lame

i thought i was talking to kawa, but i was talking to jen, who wasn't with kawa coming to get me XD so i ended up wandering around for awhile before i found kawa. got lost while looking for my baggage cause i read my ticket stub wrong and ended up about 12 baggage things away from the one where my luggage was being unloaded.

kawa showed up with cliff and carrie and to quote mean girls i produced some word vomit about simon that everyone seemed to enjoy. cliff took us by his old house and cause he missed a turn off .. or maybe he missed the turn off because we went by his old house XD i forget.

we got to kawa and jen's house (of spooky haunted doom? :'D XDDDD ;u; i <3 you kawa) and finally got to meet jen. we decided to go get something to eat and jen got pulled over for speeding XD but only got a warning cause some other cops showed up and they all started talking. XD while we were eating i kept like talking only to kawa, and felt like a big jerk cause kawa and jen were sitting across from me, so it had to be obvious. so i kept forcing myself to direct everything i said to both of them instead of just who ever i was talking to.

:"D omg at the deny's i had a weird moment of deja vu cause when i got into tuscon me simon and helen went to denny's too and when i went to use the rest room at deny's (XDDDDD if you know my you know i hate using restrooms in public places, but kawa and jen's place had no water cause of a clog in the main line so i had to use a number of public restrooms the first few days i was there just to stay ungreasy :"D) the last male waiter was getting off work and putting a sweater on, so when i saw him all i saw was a chubby blonde guy putting on a sweater and for a split second i swear to god it was simon XDDDD then i remembered that i was in maryland and that simon hadn't been a blonde for atleast 2 years.

then we went back home and carrie left and cliff stayed.

day one :'D screw the days i don't really think i'm remember this in a good order.

XD i really had to pee, but i always kind of really have to pee and kawa and jen kept saying it was ok to pee in the toilet as long as i didn't fluch, but i really didn't want to do that, so i didn't really say anything and eventually forgot about it. :'D kawa had to go to work early so me jen and cliff hung out till jen had to go to work. (i think :'D to be honest i don't really remember much) oh yea, we went to go see kawa at her job (and to use the rest room XD). ;u; i got to eat a seven eleven taquito (XDDDDDDDDD).

um, then we went back home? XDDDD maybe we went to the store too, i dunno. i do know for a little while i was at the house alone with cliff and then he left and i was there alone for a while and decided to relace my tennishoes cause there were laced in a way that made it impossible to tighten and they were like a size and a half too big (XD i dunno why since they fit fine when i tried them on?) and flopped about a lot. then the guy that owned the house came over to check out the clog or something .. someone else was there for that i think, possibly cliff XD i'm so bad with time, but then i was alone for a little bit again i think ..

then kawa came home and um carrie and justin (who i had actually met that morning, but didn't remember till now XD i only remember now cause his sister was there too and there was something about her that i couldn't put my finger on - i remember someone said that she wasn't his real sister i think?) and his sister came over, but then justin and his sister left and i think we watched some more tv then decided to go to the store and get something to eat then go see jen at work.

XD then i like cause a little drama cause i told kawa that i wanted to go rent a room atleast until the water was turned back on because the guy that owned the house kept like giving jen and kawa the run around. like jen would call and he'd tell her one thing. then kawa would call and he would tell her something different. XD and i was the only one there for both both conversations so i knew he was telling them conflicting stories sometimes and it didn't look like he was going to get the water fixed anytime soon and by then i had been like 3 days without a proper shower. :'D

XD so kawa said she had to talk to jen :'D which i didn't really understand, but i was really at thier mercy for transportation so i went along with it.

XDDDDD lemme just say this. i don't like to stay with someone unless i grew up with them and even then sometimes i'd rather go rent a room. :'D also when i travel i usually rent a room just because i like to have my privacy when i sleep and do things like shower or get ready. i think the only people i'm really comfortable getting ready infront of are like simon, monica, maybe 4 of my cousins, 1 aunt (who is young enough to be my cousin) and possibly my brother. XD i don't even like to get ready in front of my mom and we're just talking about like blow drying and moisterising here.

my usual routine when i travel is to rent a room and a car. i do not like to have to depend on anyone for anything. if i want to go to the store or get something to eat, or i dunno just go check something out i like to be able to get in a car and go when i want. :'D maybe i am just a control freak or something but it's just what i like and what i am used to.

XDDD and as for showering. i think the east coast is boobytrapped or cursed for me. whenever i go to the east coast i have some kind of drama where i can't shower daily. XDD now this may just be how things work on the east coast. but in the west coast (especially las vegas :'D) you pretty much have to shower every day just because of the weather alone. then add on top of that my crazy family and the way we were brought up.

i tried to explain this to korma but i think i just came across as uppity. XDDD but my family has always been the better family within our tribe. we were the ones that were smart and did well in school, we were the ones that were always a little better looking, we're the one's that are in the paper often. even within our tribe we were the one's that were always picked as royalty (before they stopped doing that).

:'D its hard to understand unless you come from a similar ethnic background, some asians might understand, but teh whiteys (XD) it's like crazy to them. XDDD in the song transylvanian concubine there's a snippet of lyrics that goes "teeth and hair are beauty; they know it's thier duty; to be countess in their hearts and thier minds.." that sums us up in an almost eerie way.

so staying clean and presentable is a must. XD so while we were just hanging around the house i didn't really mind letting everyone see me a little shiny, but the next day we were supposed to meet more of kawa and jen's friends and go out to the movies or something and i needed a shower before that :'D

XD so at first they were cool with me getting a room and the plan was that everyone would just go to the room. which i was fine with cause i really liked thier friends and i wasn't trying to get a room just to get away from anyone, but then it became an issue of money (i was totally willing to pay for the room, i had money put aside just for a room) then it was an issue of seperating everyone cause everyone was used to going to kawa and jen's place, then it was an issue of distance and kawa and jen kept disappearing into thier room to have private talks XD so i knew that something was up, so i told kawa that if they could get the water on by the next day i was fine with staying.

both kawa and jen kept bringing up things about the house that they thought bothered me, so i had to keep explaining to them that aside from the issues with water, there was nothing wrong with thier house XD i just needed some running water.

:'D so i stayed the night. the water was not turned back on like another two days (XD but i didn't complain cause jen took me to her dad's house and i got to have a real shower so i was ok for atleast another 2 days XDDDDD)

hm i got to meet mikey, i said he was cute which got some w00ts, but i didn't mean it like i was interested XD i just have a habit of calling guys cute.

hm then i met some other people, fish and mat jr? XD i'm so bad with names. there was another girl too .. i remember her because everyone kept saying both her names like she was royalty or a celebrity. XD it was something like Ashley Laurenson so everything was like "i talked to Ashely Laurenson today" or "we're meeting Ashely Laurenson later." i don't remember meeting anyone else named ashley so i don't know why she had to have two names XDDD

:'D one day jen kawa me and mikey went to have lunch and jen was like "ride with mikey" XD which was a little suspicious, but he was driving by himself and i wanted to see the kenshin glued to his dash anyway so i said ok :"D :O omg his tattoos were so cool! XD kawa kept telling me about them (and she kept telling me about his penis peircings :"DDD) and how they were all anime and stuff and i expected to see some crazy crappy anime junks like i'd seen in a few tattoo magazines, but they were like perfect XD it was really cool :'D i never got to see the penis piercings though (:'[ <- sad cat tears) XD oh! anyway, kawa and mikey ended up tossing a bottle cap around and ended up throwing it at some lady next to us by accident and it like landed in her bag, but she didn't notice.

:O then later that night kawa made me eat a spinach taquito by telling me it was maple syrup flavored :'D that bastard kawa.

hm ..

oh! :DDDDDDD then remy showed up!

i took this on the ride to the airport to drop me off, the original is so dark that you can't even see remy in it XDD

XD we all eventually ended up at the mall :'D on the ride to the mall me and remy drove with mikey and cliff and got to watch fish throw up from the car in front of us. at the mall me and remy wanted to go to this place that sold icecream cakes, but everyone else wanted to go to hot topic so we ended up in hot topic.

XD i don't like the layout of that place. i don't like having to like snuggle up with complete strangers in an aisle to look at things. so i checked out the comics and tried to be sociable with everyone, but i wasn't really interested in anything there so i went outside and decided to walk the loop and see if there were any book stores near by, but there weren't so i ended up back outside hot topic with remy. there was a spencers across from hot topic, so we went over since it had large glass windows that anyone leaving hot topic could see us through :"D. so everyone slowly migrated over to spencers until it was time to go eat.

:'d hm we were either supposed to go see saw or go bowling, i forget which (or both? XD) but we ended up back at the house watching shrek 2. then we were supposed to watch ju-on, but kawa was sleepy, so we decided to watch shaun of the dead then wake her up for ju-on but after shaun of the dead everyone was tired so we all just went to bed. XD

i woke up when kawa and jen's roommate got home, hm .. i think he was matt jr XD not that other guy. but i pretended to be asleep cause my eyes hurt and i didn't want to get up yet, and i heard him and kawa talking about how pretty my nails were :'DDDDDD

oh! XD ok, the water got turned back on the day before, and i know i take longer then other people to get ready, something kawa told everyone :'D so i had to keep hearing about how long i took to get ready XD but i didn't really think it was fair since everyone there was so pret-a-porter and only had to like run some water through there hair and shake it off to get ready (XD that's not supposed to sound bitchy, cause hey if it works for you, go you. and it's not like anyone was smelly or anything :'D) yes so anyway, the day the water was back on i wanted to get in early so that when it was time for us all to leave no one was waiting for me, but everytime i was going to get in the shower kawa stopped me XDDDD

she kept saying that before anyone took a shower she had to clean out the shower cause there was mold and mildew from the water being off. so i was like .. ok XD i can wait, but slowly her please of 5 more minutes turned into hours and then she let cliff get in the shower :'DDDDD so i was like well if cliff can get in the shower with the mold i can get in the shower XD so i was going to go next but then i think mikey went next, then jen (cause i dyed her hair) XD so by then i was like fuck it i'll get in whenever i can :'D so then i was going to get in and kawa was like "oh wait, let remy get in first" XDDDDDDDD so i was like XD dude whatever, and let remy go first.

:'D so i ended up being the last person to get in the shower even though i was supposed to be the first, and everyone ended up waiting for me to blow dry my hair and junk before we could go to the mall and making comments about how i took forever to get ready. :'D damn you kawa

XD yea, so the next day i had to leave. and i met matt jr. :'D omg why is it that all these lesbians have cute guys hanging around them? honestly. it's like lesbians are guy magnets or something XDDD :'D i am so going to become a lesbian one day.

XD uhh so we got ready late and i finally remembered that i had a camera and took some quick pictures.

i don't remember what was going on here. i think maybe i just caught kawa and jen at an odd lull in the conversation. so they are not like fighting or sad XD oh also, omg everyone smoked so much :'DDDD that when i finally got away from it all like in the airport and stuff my nose burned form breathing none smoke filled air for like 4 hours and when i got into vegas and blew my nose the mucus was grey/black XDDDDDDDDD :'D that's just a random observation about smoking.

carrie sitting next to cliff (to her right/behind her, not picutred here) i like the way the colors changed on this. it really cleared the image up too, cause the original was just a little blurry.

cliff sleeping :3 so cute! XDDDDD

i really messed with this picture cause in the original the lighting was weird and you really couldn't see him very well. XD i really should have started taking pictures when i got there and not 5 minutes before i had to leave.

i couldn't get a picture of mikey cause he was in the shower when we were leaving and kawa wouldn't go on a secret mission to get a picture of him before we left XDDDDDDDDDD

on the ride to the airport i got to mess around with the radio and put a lady bug on kawa (it lives in her afro puff now). XD kawa thought we got lost, but we didn't and because we got up late i was late for boarding and the guy doing the tickets said that i might miss my flight. so i had to run to the gate XD (oh yea, i got picked for special security check again also) and when i got there there wasn't anyone there, so i thought i missed it, but there was a delay because of weather so i actually ended up having to stand in a line for like 20 minutes before i even got on the plane.

XD i tried to call kawa and remy, who i told to wait for me incase i missed my flight and got stuck there for another day, but no one but me brought a phone, so i talked to jen, but then my reception went out XD.

the ride home was ok, i read two short books then listened to music and dozed off and on on the second flight.

XD man, when i got home (back to work really) my boss had made a mistake with the schedule so it ended up that i didn't really have to be back to work till today. so that meant i could have stayed for like another 3 days TTuTT
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