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as long as you're mine - eh .. possibly not work safe, no nudity, but only cause there's an arm/hand hiding that junk :'D
XD this took me a week and i think the bodies came out like el-crap-o, but i told myself i was going to finish it today, or delete it all together ;u; thank god the lineart came out so well or else i would have just deleted it.

i used this as a refferance. originally created by sueworld2003.


i am seriously stressing about the most random crap, i think because of this trip :'D i have like 6 stress pimples (there were 8, but 2 decided they loved me enough to commit suicide ;u; <3) XD i haven't had a bad break out like this since highschool and i keep touching my face which is most likely just making it worse.

:'d so it looks like david isn't coming with me. XD i could never get a hold of him, but to be honest i didn't exactly try as hard as i could have. it was more like "omg!!1 i should call david. oh wait lemme read this book first" or like "heeby-jeeby the trip is only 3 days away, i should call david and see whats up. oh em gee i think that guy on tv is sexeh, i'll call him after this show." he's not really missing out on anything though since he was only going to the new mexico part and that's only 3 days. technically i could still call him tomorrow and be like "dudeZ!!!!one! teh planez0rrz leaves tonight at 11pm are you comingA?!" but that sounds really shitty :'DDD XD i think is he really wanted to go he would have called.

D: i have all kinds of crazy last minute junk todo when i get home. i have to wash/pack, get together all the junk i am taking with me. XD i want to take my gamecube, but i dunno if it'd be safe in my luggage? if anyone knows lemme know :'D cause dumb as simon like sold his ps2 or traded it for hobo sex and he keeps talking about how he has to go to school on such and such days and i was planning to just lay around his house and play ps2

<3 iron chef is on and its a halloween episode (read that on tvguide.com) :'DDDDD! maybe they will have to use a haunted kitchen stadium where a previous iron chef died in a baking accident? XDDD that wouls be awesome.

uh, what else do i have to do? :OOO my bank card arrived today, i officially love the telephone customer service people at wellsfargo (i also officially hate uh .. *mexicansthatworkatwellsfargodownonciviccenter* more also :'DDD) i think one of the things i was really fucking stressing about was wondering if i would get stuck somewhere in new mexico or something with that asshole instant atm card that doesn't even work at gas pumps (even though that latino-bastard-woman told me it would). hm tomorrow i have to go and see if i can find some comfy walking shoes and a wallet (now that i have something to put in one t(♥u♥t ) cause i was not going to put that bastard instant atm card in a new wallet)

hank azaria has a sexy chest (also saw this on tvguide.com XD) too bad his haircut makes him look old now. :'D anyone remember herman's head?

;o; for some reason when i draw now my thumb nail hurts, like i am pressing it up or somthing .. but when im drawing i don't feel like i am :'d

i wanna see wicked :'D but i don't think it's coming anywhere near las vegas for a while, so i have to do with listening to the soundtrack and rereading the book (XD speaking of i forgot that there were so many allusions to characters being gay) i originally read this book about 10 years ago when i was in highschool and we were doing the wizard of oz, afterwards i read a lot of the frank l. baum books about oz just because i never thought that there was really anything to the oz story outside of dorthy, the ruby slippers and the yellow brick road, i think i remember liking the book about the patch work girl, but i could be thinking of a different series or book.
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