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bah i recorded all the ju-on (the grudge) movies onto vhs so we could watch them in maryland but my dvd players subtitle powers are kind of not all that smart XD so only 1 of the 4 movies had subtitles that are remotly readable. the rest all either lost the black background color that lets you read white text on a movie screen or my player just didn't recognize the coding and included all the unrecognized codes in with the text :'D

XD so i had to frankenstein the living room's tv, vcr and my brothers laptop together so that i can record them all over again with BSplayer which can read all the different subtitle files correctly. i really wanted to make it so that the subtitles were below the film, in the black box borders, but my brothers version of bsplayer must be older then mine cause it won't allow me to mess with the subtitle prefferances as much as my computer. but everything is readable, so yay.

i had to look up the actual order of the movies cause i didn't label my cds very well and decided to record them in an order that makes the story easier to understand.

XD i'm downloading the american version right now, so hopefully i can bring that one too and we can compare the japanese version to the american one and talk all thoughtful about them :'D

oh yea! XD the other day after the bank incident i called the customer service line and tried to get some more info and found out that the girl at the bank had totally fucked things up. instead of ordering a new card, she just cancelled all my open cards and then messed up some other things associated with my account. the girl i talked to on the phone was really nice and really shocked :'D i think she swore once when going over what the girl at the bank did. she said there's a pretty good chance that i could get my new card by friday, which would be awesome, but if not i have a credit card i can fall back on, even though i didn't want to do that XD

also, david still hasn't given me an answer about new mexico. i think i'm just going to get myself a plane ticket and tell him that if he's going to try to get on the same flight as me. that'd prolly be cheaper for him anyway since he could by a round trip ticket instead of two seperate tickets.

i still have to get some shirts and possibly a new pair of shoes. i dunno if we're gonna be doing a lot of walking or not, but i don't think my current shoes would be too comfortable if i have to do as much walking as i usually do when i go out of town.

XD i hope simon isn't mad at me. he called the other day and i was saying all kind of things about him and his mother (this is something i do :'D) and i think he might have gotten mad XD cause then i had to put him on hold (work crap) and i dunno if i told him i was putting him on hold .. so maybe he thinks i hung up on him XDDDDD
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