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5:40 pm - Taken from remybuu

[x]= Things I've done

[  ] been drunk.
[x] smoked pot. (i had a pothead friend in highschool XD)
[x] kissed a member of the opposite sex. (:o!)
[X] kissed a member of the same sex. (XD!!!!!)
[X] rode in a taxi. (we had to live out of a hotel once while our house was being worked on, i took a cab from the hotel to our house)
[  ] been dumped.
[X] shoplifted. (i was like 3 XD i think it was gum)
[  ] been fired.
[x] been in a fist fight. (i got in a fight with this guy, then we made out and junk)
[x] had sex.
[  ] had a threesome
[x] snuck out of your parent's house. (XD i never really had to sneak out, my parents trusted me to stay out as long as i wanted to)
[  ] been arrested.
[  ] made out with a stranger.
[x] stole something from your job. (i take a pen or pencil home everynight in my hair :"D)
[  ] celebrated new years in times square.
[x] went on a blind date. (ugh ..)
[x] lied to a friend. (i lie all the time t(*o* t))
[x] had a crush on a teacher. (XDDDDD i had like 3 hottie teachers in highschool)
[  ] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[  ] been to europe.
[x] skipped school.
[  ] thrown up from drinking.
[  ] lost your sibling.
[x] played 'clue'.
[x] had a sleepover party. (sexy parties? :o)
[x] went ice skating. (i love to iceskate)
[  ] cheated on a bf/gf.
[x] been cheated on.
[  ] had a quinceanera.
[x] drove illegally ( i drove for about 2 years before i got a license)

Do you...
[  ] have a bf.
[  ] have a gf.
[x] have a crush. (im crushing on my brother in law person :x)
[x] feel loved.
[x] feel lonely.
[x] feel happy.
[  ] hate yourself.
[x] think your attractive.
[x] have a dog. (stupid dogs XD)
[x] have your own room.
[  ] listen to rap.
[x] listen to rock.
[  ] listen to soul.
[x] listen to techno.
[  ] listen to reggae./ska
[x] paint your nails.
[x] have more than 1 best friend.
[  ] get good grades.
[x] play an instrument. (i played sax and clarinet in highscool and have taken up guitar recently)
[x] have slippers.
[  ] wear boxers.
[x] wear underwear in general
[  ] wear thongs.
[x] wear black eyeliner. (i like this dark brown one and this dark burgandy ones better then my black)
[x] like the color blue. (its my favorite color :3 my room is blue)
[x] like the color yellow.
[  ] cyber.
[  ] claim.
[x] like to read.
[x] like to write.
[x] have long hair. (sexy and long :o)
[  ] have short hair.
[x] have a cell phone.
[  ] have a laptop.
[  ] have a pager. (not using it)

Are you...
[x] ugly.
[x] pretty.
[x] bored.
[x] happy.
[  ] bilingual.
[x] white. (XD i'm 1/9 white)
[  ] black.
[x] mexican.
[  ] asian.
[  ] short.
[x] tall.
[  ] grounded.
[  ] sick.
[  ] a virgin. (ha XD)
[x] lazy.
[x] single.
[  ] taken.
[x] looking.
[  ] not looking.
[x] talking to someone.
[x] IMing someone.
[x] scared to die.
[x] tired.
[x] sleepy.
[x] annoyed.
[  ] hungry.
[x] thirsty.
[  ] on the phone.
[  ] in your room.
[x] drinking something.
[  ] eating something.
[  ] in your pjs.
[x] ticklish.
[  ] listening to music.
[  ] homophobic. (uh, i dont like flambouyant gays XDDDD)
[  ] racist.

XD i had the worse time at the bank today. i'm pretty sure that the assistant manager lied to me and then told another employee to lie to me too.
i was an hour late to work because it took the bank 3 hours to fucking lie to me.

:'D i am very angery this week
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